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Latest from the Blog

Pinning for the Beer Hordes

After a very quiet August, beer sales picked up again but I’m going through pins like no ones business. Sales of 4.5 gallons were generally the sole preserve of my dark beers or the bastard strength ones but since the end of the summer holidays I’ve got constant orders of places needing only a half…

Wokester’s Brewery – Mermaids Statement

Hello fellow Xir/Xe, It has come to our attention that one of the charities we and many in the brewing world have been pushing for a number of years is being met, not only a level of hate unprecedented for our times, not only with horrendous levels of biased reporting about not being duly diligent…

Sunshine on Keith

Seeing Keir Starmer dancing on the head of a pin over his beer and curry evening, all of high virtue, high morals and a high self opinion, highlighted that if he has to resign he really does have all the attributes needed to run a modern craft brewery. He has already got a sympathetic and…

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