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Wokester’s Brewery – Mermaids Statement

Hello fellow Xir/Xe, It has come to our attention that one of the charities we and many in the brewing world have been pushing for a number of years is being met, not only a level of hate unprecedented for our times, not only with horrendous levels of biased reporting about not being duly diligentContinue reading “Wokester’s Brewery – Mermaids Statement”

Wokester’s Brewery – Brewdog Statement

Hello Avid Drinker, It causes us no pleasure to write this carefully worded statement which will carry all the sentiment of an apology but will absolve us of any actual responsibility. We did not see the documentary regarding the working practices of Brewdog as we are boycotting the BBC since they never gave comrade JezzaContinue reading “Wokester’s Brewery – Brewdog Statement”